Did you know inadequate air conditioning filters damage your heating ventilation and air conditioning plant causing expensive repairs?

Air conditioning filters carry out two essential roles in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. They arrest airborne contaminants that would otherwise circulate through the building, reducing indoor air quality making the occupants sick. Secondly, they arrest airborne matter that would otherwise build up in the coils, ductwork, grilles and all other components within the HVAC system. Unfortunately, the vast majority of filtration systems let more airborne matter past them than they arrest.
An estimated 15,000,000,000, yes 15 billion is lost annually due to employers not complying with the Indoor Air Quality standards. So that’s the lost money and profit from staff. Normally the single most expensive component in an air conditioning system is the compressor costing typically between $12,000 up to $200,000. The compressor is likely to be compromised and eventually fail if proper filtration is not employed.
In most applications you can use air filters to turn the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems into an air cleaner with very minimal investment keeping staff healthier and more productive while minimising breakdown repairs. High filtration not only increases filtration but also the resistance to air flow so care must be taken not to introduce filters into the system that offer a pressure drop too high for the for the system’s fan ability to function adequately. Additional fan power can be added but this may add to the operating cost of the system but in most cases, it’s not required. For independent expert advice on filter application contact the team at Air Medic.

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